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April 27, 2018
Demons and Entities I

In some cultures people don’t know what the Bible is about and still in others the Bible is thought to be a lie. In the spirit of take the RedPill I have decided to do some research on demons. By starting this research I have to reiterate that the Bible is truth, literally. How do I know this? I know this because the Bible has predicted events in history that has happened before it happened and because Anthropology backs up the Bible.


4.  For example, until 1993 there was no proof of the existence of King David or even of Israel as a nation prior to Solomon. Then in 1993 archeologists found proof of King David's existence outside the Bible. At an ancient mound called Tel Dan, in the north of Israel, words carved into a chunk of basalt were translated as "House of David" and "King of Israel". This proved that David was more than just a legend.

5.  In 2005 Israeli archaeologist Eilat Mazar found King David's palace relying on the Bible as one of her many tools. She says:

“What is amazing about the Bible is that very often we see that it is very accurate and sometimes amazingly accurate.” (from Using the Bible As Her Guide)


Fourth Era: Historical Events From Solomon to the End of the Old Testament


6. R.D. Wilson who wrote “A Scientific Investigation of the Old Testament” pointed out that the names of 29 Kings from ten nations (Egypt, Assyria, Babylon and more) are mentioned not only in the Bible but are also found on monuments of their own time. Every single name is transliterated in the Old Testament exactly as it appears on the archaeological artifact – syllable for syllable, consonant for consonant. The chronological order of the kings is correct.

I went to Tennessee to conduct research and I filmed some scenery and in this scenery I found a face. The face looked like it had white shoe polish to blend in all over. I now know this is a demon. I will post the pictures after this post


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